Loving touch, sensual and sexual is a fundamental need of all humans.

February 2013: Phoenix Goddess Temple
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NOTE: There are no Workshops as previously shown. I gave up the idea not finding the right partner. Just share ideas on loving touch intimacy which I call lovetouch. 

By Dave in Phoenix founder Liberated Christians &Therapeutic Intimate Touch Institute


While LoveTouch is a part of Liberated Christians, Inc, we are not trying to preach any religious view.  Many people in our culture whether Christian or not are negatively effected by the dominance of Christian sex negative traditions that have no biblical basis.

The ideas of LoveTouch is shared with swingers, those in polyamory, private consenting adult sexworkers and clients as well as couples in committed monogamous relationships.  Each is a legitimate and moral option

What is LoveTouch
 "LoveTouch" as a technique of loving caring intimate touch that is sensual, and can extend into the sexual. I have developed and enjoyed various techniques for decades with great positive response of many women who often tell me they wish their boyfriends or husbands (in swinging) had the skills. I seek to share my ideas and encourage other like minded folks to share their experiences and techniques not just in writing but in workshops and seminar settings.

Alternative to Tantra
Eastern religions, mostly Hindu based, do a great job of integrating spirituality and sexuality via their beliefs in goddesses, chakras, spiritual energy centers, and deep breathing techniques. But I'm not a Hindu and Tantra teachings make no sense to me physically or intellectually. I totally support those that do have these beliefs. But I see a need for a non Eastern spiritual approach to LoveTouch which I believe can be just as powerful without the excuse of Eastern spirituality to enjoy and share.
See History of Tantra

More Men seeking LoveTouch intimacy
When I started sharing my interests in the early days of the Internet and started my Canadian trips I was often bashed by the macho men that attacked me for my sissy intimacy interests. Over the years I have witnessed a huge change in attitude with more and more men finding they also enjoy their more intimate touch side.

Women more open and some crave LoveTouch
Part of my motivation for LoveTouch is the response I get from so many women, saying they wished their boyfriends or husbands were better at LoveTouch.   In general American women tend to be far less naturally sensual with good lovetouch skills than European, Asian or South American women.  Eastern European and French Canadian women in Canada are especially noted for their wonderful natural intimacy skills.   For Eastern Europeans this is especially ironic since men in their culture tend to be far less intimate than Western men.   But once introduced to LoveTouch ideas many American women are also anxious to expand their skills

The Healing Power of LoveTouch
Medically sex is a naturally healing healthy activity as well as simple caring touch  Love and intimacy are the root of what makes us sick and what makes us well. I am not aware of any other factor in medicine - not diet, not smoking, not exercise... not drugs, not surgery - that has a greater impact on our quality of life, incidence of illness and premature death." -- Dean Ornish, "Love and Survival: The Scientific Basis for the Healing Power of Intimacy"  What the world needs know, is Love, sweet

Universal Love
LoveTouch teaches "universal love" for another as a unique soul and spirit without having to "fall in love" or be a love that is jealous and possessive. While LoveTouch is based on Christian principals activities will be open to all and does not preach or try to impose any particular spiritual belief.  LoveTouch is physical intimate love and recognizes that "love" also includes spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and romantic love that may be monogamous, polyamous, or in open relationships, long-term or "for the moment".  LoveTouch can but does not have to include responsible, mutual desired, consenting adult sexual pleasure sharing.

Celebrates our Bodies and Self

Unlike many philosophies and religions, LoveTouch celebrates pleasure and acknowledges the beauty of the body. In our world we have made our genitals dirty and a separate part of ourselves. My nose is always my nose, there may be times when I don't like it, and I might think it’s too big, but it’s always my nose. But my genitals are different, we call them ‘private parts’, or ‘down there’. We hide them away and only let them out under very strict circumstances, often with great embarrassment. LoveTouch practice accepts the beauty of our genitals as part of a beautiful body, designed to give and receive, to share pleasure responsibly. To deny any part of ourselves - physical, mental, emotional or spiritual - is to deprive us of our humanness and our joy.

Intimacy Connection & Sexual Journey
Much of what we do sexually is out of habit. We have become creatures of habit, this means that we make love in the same way, the same positions, and the same days and for most people sex has become a goal-oriented activity, the goal being the orgasm. We get so lost in the rush to get there that we lose out on the pleasure of the journey. Imagine if we took the orgasm out of the equation, if we stopped being so concerned and hung-up with that end goal. Then we could really get involved with our partner, we could be fully present and the pleasure we can get from that is so much greater, the intimacy so much deeper. How intimate can you be when you’re having sex with the lights off, or your eyes are closed and you’re lost in some fantasy? How connected to your partner are you in those moments?

LoveTouch sexuality does not suggest that you don't have orgasms, not at all. The idea is simply to be present with your partner, to acknowledge each other and the love you share. Looking into each other’s eyes during lovemaking forces you to be there WITH your partner. It has often been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul, looking into somebody’s eyes and them looking into yours gives you both the opportunity to share a soul connection, to go beyond the physical into something deep and special.

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Loving touch, sensual and sexual is a fundamental need of all humans.
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